Yevhen Kolupaiev

Yevhen’s first entrepreneurial experience was at 13 years old. Now 26 years old, this experience included the first investments, the first experience of logistics, marketing and sales. 2005-2006 – Euroset retail – Head of store on his own sales system set a record sales among thousands of stores in Eastern Ukraine, received gratitude from the head of “Euroset” in Ukraine 

2006-2008 – OLYMP Alcohol Company – Engineering Technician Practice at the factory “Olymp” then work on the position “Engineering Technician”. Technical and engineering work.

2009-2011 – VLADISLAV Company – Head of wholesale-logistics warehouse Annual sales of cars spare parts more than €3,000,000 Assistant logistics delivery of spare parts to hundreds of stores, service stations, markets in Donetsk region (VAG – Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, MAN and etc.), one of the best in the world motor oils “Motul”. Optimization and improvement of work 

2012-2014 – Co-Owner- «13house» marketing and e-commerce Development of a unique marketing project for advertising hundreds of stores in Ukraine. Managing a dozen employees, photographers, programmers, managers, signing contracts with stores, shopping centers.

2013 – Business Owner – Smokeco Wholesale and Retail distributor of eCigs, vaporizers and flavors for e-liquid. Develop our own design of eCigs. General distributor in Ukraine and Russia Aosibo Co Ltd., BetterLife Co Ltd. The officialrepresentative in Ukraine and Russia OSB Co Ltd., DotMod Co Ltd., CoilMaster Co Ltd., Wotofo Co Ltd. Logistics delivery from China, USA, Germany to Ukraine and Russia. Managing employees in Ukraine and Russia. Contracts with Chinese factories, American companies, participation in exhibitions and participation in exhibitions as media.

2017 – Co-Owner- TeaTown Simple business with China with passive income 2017 – Owner – 13juice A deal with the plant’s executive director in Germany to create unique liquids on special, confidential terms for maximum profit from sales in Ukraine and Russia. Developing the best in the market for unique tastes. Logistics delivery of raw materials Germany-Ukraine-Russia. Production management, sales in Ukraine and Russia. Wholesale and retail trade.

2017 – Co-Owner – Titan Electro The desire to grow, to become bigger and to do big international business and change the world for the better. Engineering development, patenting, negotiations with Chinese factories for the conclusion of future contracts for the supply of components – batteries, BMS, touch screen, car pc and etc. Arrangement with a transport company for logistics and delivery of goods from China and Europe with personal discounts.

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