Sales Demographics

BGE Global will manufacture and market specialty products designed to support commercial, industrial, US/Foreign Gov’t & support larger Refineries, i.e. Hurricanes Natural Disaster Shut Downs like Recent Houston TX. 

•Wholesale buyers worldwide. The company’s product line includes LPG, Petroleum and Mineral Spirits, VMP Naphtha, Jet Fuel, Marine Diesel, Light and Heavy Gas Oils, and Bottoms for the use in Asphalt.

Sales Strategies

•Product pricing is determined largely by the supply of, and demand for, specific products. Regional disparities/Partnerships with Hydro- Fracking Companies, Consumers of Off Take via Brokers.

•Combined 60 yrs of Petrochemical operations with executive team to identify demand and low risk to sell at optimum process locally in the Gulf region and Mexico who has given us demand for Diesel and ULS fuel oils.

•With Oil Generations of West Texas families we gather our might with “Off Take” sales to companies with “firm fixed price” as well “Market price” as “Risk Mitigation” of market Highs and Lows will be in the Clause of “Services Agreement” contracts to avoid losses.

•Private and US and Foreign Government Sales with exclusive DOD sales for our Armed Services with inside knowledge as Veterans.