John Yoars – Special Consultant

2015 to Date: Working with STAR Chemical Development to support the creation of an ethane based polyolefin complex on the Gulf Coast. Working on the Economics, Feedstock Supply, Polyolefin Marketing, Process selection, Construction execution plan , Staffing, Commissioning Strategy, Startup Plan, and Operations Plan. 

2007-2015: Ruby Ventures LLC Traded MMT, Cetane Improver, Fuel Dyes, Fuels. Consulting on petrochemical and refining projects.

2001-2007: Texas Petrochemicals ($1.7Bn in Revenues)Sr. VP Operations

2001-2007Westlake Chemical Petrochemical Plant Manager, Project Manager/Start up Manager on Ethylene 2 a 1.0BnPPY E/, Sr. VP Olefins with Business responsibilities for Olefins and Polyolefins.

1992-1996:Lyondell/CITGO Refinery Manager. 250MBPD refinery. Operations Project Manager and Start up Manager for a $1.5Bn heavy oil upgrade. Built second Coker, Mild Hydrocracker, revamped Diesel HT’s to ULSD,  Second  Deep Cut CDU,  third Sulfur plant, revamped ISBL to accommodate all.

1986-1992: Lyondell Division of ARC Site Manager Olefins Complex. 5Bn PPYEthylene ComplexMeOH, IPOH, MEK. Polybutadiene. MTBE, Alkylation, C4, C5, C6 dioefin recovery. Expanded two world scale ethylene crackers and built a state of the art Butadiene extraction unit

1985: ARCORefinery Maintenance Manager. Houston refinery(250MBPD)

1978-1985: ARCO Hydrotreating Unit Forman,  Reforming and Aromatics Technical Superintendent, 100,000 BPD FCCU Superintendent, Division Manager Process Services,  Fuels and Power House, Utilities, Oil Movements and Docks, Lubricants Oil Blending.

1974-1977: Cabot Corp.  Project Operations Rep & Start up Manager for a new silicon tetrachloride unit

1973-1974: Distragas Operations Manager LNG Import terminal. Built and prepared for start up a terminal for Algerian LNG.

1968-1973: Sinclair Petrochemicals/Arco Chemical Production Engineer,Production Supervisor Ammonia.  

1966-1968: Hercules Inc. Process Engineer Formaldehyde; Shift Supervisor, Asst. Production Supt. Pentarytherol

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