Andy Jaques – Business Development Manager (Americas)

Andy specializes in developing & executing market entry/development
strategies for Latin American markets. He has extensive experience in
public contracting, civil infrastructure projects, air industry, energy &
renewables sector, telecommunications and mobile media, and market
access issues. He also works in labor regimes, cold chain logistics,
commodity exports, debt recovery, and commercial intelligence
consulting. Andy is uniquely skilled at understanding and synthesizing
complex, multi-layered business environments, fraught with problems,
inconsistencies and competing interests, in a way that is understandable
and manageable to international business leaders. Andy works with companies not only to adapt to the environment but to do so at a level from which they can begin to mold that environment.

Raven Strategic Capital Partners 01 / 2014 – Present Vice President Latin America

Raven Strategic is an internationally focused venture capital firm, which invests in late-stage, pre- IPO, digital media, telecom, and software companies. Andy is pursuing and evaluating investment opportunities in late-stage software, media, and telecom services companies located in Latin America. Specifically companies that have products and services that are successful in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil which with the right level of investment and packaging could be exported to the United States, Canada, and/or the UK.

PREMINCO Panama 10 / 2015 – Present

PREMINCO Panama is a start-up incubator consulting business that executes the company formation, construction, equipping, and initiate operations for clients turning their new Latin American business over turn-key as an operating company. PREMINCO is currently completing projects involving private storage and vaulting facilities, biomass energy projects, and B2B replacement parts distribution

Airborne Response 09 / 2016 – Present
Partner / Vice President Latin America

Airborne Response is a start-up UAS services company focused on using its specialized experience & knowledge in high risk operations like military operations, emergency response & disaster management to transmit the same level of professionalism & flight capacity to commercial drone operations. Andy is responsible for developing Latin American operations & sales in support of our multinational clients with infrastructure in those regions. Andy also uses his broad experience in the energy sector, mining, and infrastructure to lead Airborne Response partners in our initiatives to develop innovating new technologies and IP for practical and effective solutions for UAS services to infrastructure and mining

Government of Canada, Foreign Affairs & International Trade 08 / 2000 – 09 / 2001 Commercial Officer 10 / 2004 – 01 / 2014

International Trade and Business Development for the Government of Canada. Special focus on public contracts, infrastructure, construction and energy sector including renewables and fuels. Duties include assisting to manage complex political dynamics, government contracts and financing. Working in close conjunction with Export Development Canada ( on export financing and payment collection as well as Canadian Commercial Corporation ( on project development and Government to Government contracting

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